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Fish speed

You may not have addressed any of the fish movement yet that's mentioned in the first set of beta notes.

If you haven't then these comments are irrelevant, and would I'm sure be addressed later:

a) It seems to me that the fish are just a little too active or speedy, except the lion fish. To my eye, there's a feeling of hyperactivity when watching the tank, maybe just 10-15% too fast.

b) In Beta 7 I believe I saw the lionfish move faster than it was swimming, and in a different direction. It was moving slowly horizontally, then seemed to move down at an angle more quickly, but without changing the animation speed or orientation. As if the XY position change was out-of-synch with the body motion animation. Not by much, but just enough to seem unnatural when watching closely. This happend twice.

Thanks for the hard work!
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Jim Sachs
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The fish movement is just temporary, and will be addressed as soon as all the bugs are fixed. It's still basically the old fish movement, except now there are thousands of possible things to collide with. Since the Lionfish is so slow, there are times when other fish get too close, and the Lionfish just has to be grabbed and physically moved to avoid a collision. After I do the new fish models, I'll try to create sequences to get each fish out of trouble by using natural-looking movements.
Jim Sachs
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