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Question Multi Monitor Screensaver

Hey Jim,

Is there any chance that you could add an option in the "Display Options" window to make the aquarium "Ignore" a particular monitor instead of just "Showing Nothing" on it?

The reason being that I have just yesterday added a third monitor to my system. Now I have my setup as follows:

As you can see, if I set the aquarium to run on all 3 screens, it zooms in and looks horrible. I want the aquarium to run normally on the lower 2 screens as it always has done but the top screen to run another standard screensaver.

I ahve attempted setting this up using the Screensavers option in Ultramon, but as MA3 blanks the 3rd screen, the blackness of the blank is covering up whatever screensaver I choose to run on the top one therefore, if a screen could just be "ignored" by MA3 then I expect it would work.

If i'm wrong just let me know and i'll just have to live with it.


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This is a feature that would beneficial to those with 2 monitors as well. Having the MA3 on a secondary screen with a selection of music while working on the main is something I have tried to accomplish but had to give up. I know one can drag it over to the second monitor but it "really" slows things up
Unless this is a real easy programing tweak it is not likely to be very high on the list of improvements.
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