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Old 06-27-2010, 11:33 PM   #1
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Aquarium Screensaver for XP

Hi! Everyone! I guess I don't need to get on the Band Wagon, about how neat these screen-savers are. I was still stubornly running Win 98SE when I went into a store and saw "The Aquarium", running from a display on a program called "XP Plus".

It was a great advancement for me because I had to purchase the program, and then I had to purchase XP just so I could run it. Now I've got five of them so far from Serene Screen running on my computer, and several copy-cat programs stored in a shed that couldn't make the grade.

I will state that I have a mental illness so playing video games, watching TV, are about all I do anymore, and I would like to say that watching these fish definitely has a positive and calming effect. They should implement this program in some mental institutions. Not only would it benefit the patients, it might also help the Doctors, as the Lord knows, they need the help.

I am really looking forward to the added life (Shrimp, crab, eel, etc.) and would really like to see one of those black and white eels creeping around in the rocks. maybe an extra starfish or two would be nice. But, Hey! I'm easy to please, and never never willingly hurt anyone intentionally, so if I do or say something on here that's not right/acceptable I applogize now just encase.

And a heartfelt thanks for creating something so special! It's given me many years of pleasure.
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Welcome, jawnTEM.....from one newbie to another!
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Yes, welcome to both of you!
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