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Question Few Questions

1.) Have the new fish models already been created and textured and behavioral attributes like schooling and darting been coded? - Was just wondering.

2.) Will the new fish models have higher resolution textures? - Not too worried about this but I do feel that the Threadfin Butterfly fishes texture looks very low res.

3.) About the burn-in issue. On dual screen setups where the tank does not scroll and the background stays in one place, will the water light effects over the background and floor be enough to stop burn in in those areas? and how is burn in overcome in the gradiented background?, I know that the fish swimming over that will do those areas but what about right at the top of the screen and so on where the fish don;t normally go. Could something be implemented to sort of make the fish between them at least cover certain areas of the tank at least once in a specified period of time to help the burn in situation.

4.) Will each and every part of the background be brought to life or just certain parts? and will the anemonea sway from side to side?


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Jim Sachs
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1. No.
2. Yes.
3. While burn-in is not really much of a problem any more, the scrolling will take care of virtually all of it. On dual systems with so much width that it can't scroll - sorry I'm out of ideas. Display something else every once in a while.
4. Anything soft will sway. Anything alive will move.
Jim Sachs
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