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Cool Marine Aquarium V2.5??

Hi, As you can tell I am new to this site! And I am completely at a loss. I had no knowledge of serenescene until this weekend when I purchased Encore Marine Aquarium V2.5. I was searching to see if I had the screen saver working correctly, and here I am. Is this an update from the versions you are talking about? T
he fish are really awesome. It has the crystal clock. It covers my entire screen. The bubbles and sound work. The lights go from bright to total dark, and that's about all I know, with my lack of computer knowledge. The starfish moves verrrrrrrrrry slowly, but it has not moved enough to view it's stomach against the computer screen as it says. The strange thing to me is that none of the foliage or background moves at all. Maybe it is not supposed to!!!
Can someone give me some help? Smiley says it all....
and it doesn't take much for me!!
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Welcome to the Inside: SereneScreen forums!!

Marine Aquarium 2.5 is a bundle of Marine Aquarium 2.0 and Marine Aquarium Time/Crystal/Clock 2.0. I am not sure why they called it 2.5. In the coming weeks, Marine Aquarium 2.6 will be made available on the website which includes everything you have now plus 2 more fish.

Glad to hear that you like the product. We're pretty fond of it too.

The coral/plants don't move right now. Maybe in a future version.

Welcome to our community and we hope you'll stick around. We talk about other things too.
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