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Originally posted by Sergiales
If it is legal (i suppose it's licensed as a part of the MCE), i would like to take a look at it.
I'm sure it is licensed as a part of the MCE, but I'm not the one who own it, it's my friend, I just take tha .scr file out of it. Not sure this action is legal or not.

Originally posted by memilm
can you use both programs(screensavers) GA and GA-MCE at the same computer? I mean if the GA and GA-MCE settings are saved in separate parts of the registry...
Of course they are separate, GA-MCE don't even have to installe, you just put the .src file under the window's root folder and that's all.

Thier setting panel is totally different(even less settings compare to original GA) as you can see on my review, so it won't mess up together.

well, so far only 4 ppl interest.....hmmm.....

anyway, I'll find out the license thing first
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