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Well I just received this screensaver and I'm pretty happy with it.Here is my review from

Sharks 2.0 This is a must have for shark collectors, February 19, 2007
Reviewer:Jeff Carter (Perry, Ga United States) - See all my reviews
If you loved marine aquarium you'll love sharks 2.0.Sharks looks good on the pc.There are 11 sharks which include the white shark,tiger,bull,mako,nurse shark,leapord shark,black tip reef,lemon,angel,blue and hammerheads.There is also a manta ray.The graphics look good and you can add fish or take them out.You can also add fog.It looks better without the fog thou.There is 3 screens which it will rotate between or you can set it to leave it on the one you like.You can also adjust the light.You also have the option of watching this in widescreen if you choose.There is also underwater sounds but you can cut the sound off if you wish.The sharks are very life like in this presentation.This is a must have for people that collect shark stuff or screen saver collectors.Even the box looks good.I recommend this product.

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