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Originally posted by feldon29:
They may not perceive it if you just mention it to them, but I think in an A/B comparison, anyone will notice it.  
i'd mostly agree with that.. but the problem is most never see an a/b comparison... and because of that, most do not realize how much better 60fps is

Here's one, walk into any big office building with pc's... 80% of the pc's are running @ 60hz refresh rates... the screen is flickering all over the place and most regular folk simply don't notice it... 60hz refresh rates give people headaches but they don't know that is what is causing them 60 refresh rate is immediately spotted by me and raised to 85 or 100 but most, don't know any better so they accept it as normal and if you asked them "can you see the screen flickering" they mostly would say "huh?, um no"
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