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Originally posted by enigma63941:
Any ideas as what might be causing this?

Win XP SP 2
2.8 P4
769MB ram
Geforce 6800 GT Driver  
I donít know very much about computer,but please ghost your current Windows in safe place,try install a new OS,then Sharks 2.0 . If all things are good, you must spend time to install another softwares,delete the former OS,ghost a ďcleanĒ Windows in other partition.After that you can try a lot of softwares but you are not afraid any troubles because you always have a spare clean Windows.

I have a joke : One day,Iíve installed EYE OF SAURON (3DLOTREyeOfSauron.exe) with some errors and this screensaver doesnít work although with new clean WinXP SP2.Iíve postponed it,try to setup another sofwares then that screensaver and EYE OF SAURON run well however I donít know why
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