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Originally posted by cjmaddy
pvernam, - Have you changed your 'Fonts' to cure your "OK" button overlap problem? - It's worth checking out that that isn't causing any of your other problems. (If only to eliminate the possibility!)

Why Microsoft gives us the option to use other size fonts when sooner or later, anything other than 'Small fonts' will cause problems, seems totally illogical to me! - There may well be a work-around with modern web page programing, but whilst there are still many examples of this problem in existence, I consider it better to avoid using any other size of fonts in 'Display Properties/Settings/Advanced/General', than Small fonts!
The problem with the normal fonts is that they're too small for me to read (hey, I'm 56). Anyway, I set my system back to 96 dpi fonts (temporarily), and that did fix the button overlap problem, but not the crashing problem. I can live with the button overlap -- I just figured the programmers would want make it work properly despite the large fonts.
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