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Checking in

I have been gone a looong while. As Ive been browsing through the forums here I've seen a lot of names I remembered.. Jim Sachs of course, and Morgan's too. Then Patrick, TT, CJmaddy, DrFish, and many more. Was like a trip back to a long lost neighborhood! Or walking into the old corner pub and seeing my old mates having drinks with their ladies

I came here because of my iPhone of all things. I had to replace it, (got sat on or something) and when I was updating my apps, I noticed the MA SCR on my iphone and though I should come back to the source and check things out.

I subsequently found this thread and was compelled to say hello to you all and see how many remember me. Patrick, I already sent you an email, so no cheating. Here are a few hints, lets see who picks up on it...

Lived in Phoenix, AZ. Moved to NC. Retired USAF. Lived in England and Korea. My last avatar I can remember having on this site was one of Jim's characters from Defender of the Crown (Eric the Wolfe I think was his name).

I'm sure Im remembered by some, but in the USAF I was also in the habbit of staying unseen, and not sticking out. We had a saying, "its never a good thing when the Commander see's you on the street and remembers your name"

Take care all, be seeing you again around these parts I think.

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