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Originally posted by findingnemo:
I'm sure that attacks (and attackers) quickly disappear. I hope you won't mind a couple of philosophical questions.

In terms of product development and maintenance (bug fixes, etc.), why would it be particularly useful to have a community of people who always agree with the developer?  
Obviously you don't just take people who agree with the developer.

Originally posted by findingnemo:
If you established such a community, how would you hand-pick the people? That is, what criteria would be used?  
Well, you'd start with people who are able to articulate themselves without ranting, trolling, hostility, or personal attacks against others who don't agree with their viewpoint. You weed out people who are manipulative, play people against each other, or belittle others. It's actually pretty easy to spot people who are capable of expressing themselves in a nondestructive way. The hard part is finding people who disagree, and can do so without it getting personal.

I should mention that I am part of one of these subgroups regarding a major MMORPG. There are about 30 of us in our group and we give focused feedback to the developers.
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