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Jim, - I genuinely hope you will find some way to produce that 3D Blu-Ray disk that you desire so, and I wish you every success if you can get one to the CES. - I can see how it just might work in the way you describe.
However, not from the MA3 point of view, but mainly for 3DTVs in general, from my experience and the many comments I've read, I've put together the following thoughts....

It isn't just the glasses that are a pain. (Particularly when you have to wear them over your own glasses). But 3D just doesn't add anything worthwhile to the viewing experience. The novelty IMO very soon wears off. Even 3D movies (at the cinema) are best left as an occasional novelty. - What is far more important is a well acted story!
And as for the new 3DTVs... Who is going to spend thousands on something they donít need for 99.9% of their normal viewing?. - Not many people are going to buy another large TV just for 3D, when there is little or no content available. Someday, in the future, when glasses-less displays arrive, maybe!!! - (But not even then if it means sitting in the one-only 'sweet spot'.)

Also, the 3d experience may work up to a point when you have a massive screen, like at a cinema. But at home, the effect of the action coming out at you through a smaller screen, is not that breath-taking, in fact it can soon become an annoyance. Some have reported that after 3 hrs of Avatar they ended up with an headache lasting for days.

I strongly believe that it is not we the viewers who want 3DTV, it is the 3DTV manufactures, (competing with each other for some imaginary 'Holy Grail'), that want us to want, a 3DTV!
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