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Originally posted by Dale:
Are you using multiple user accounts?

The file that contains the list of music to be played is
C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Marine Aquarium 3\MA3Playlist.lst

You probably knew that already.  
You give me WAY to much credit
I'll give that a try!

EDIT>>>>> OK..... Every tune I was attempting to play was MP3 like C:\Users\my name\Music\My Music\Frank Zappa\Apostrophe.mp3
I found a tune that was .wma and it worked. So for whatever reason my ma3 does not like mp3, but does like .wma I also found that using wma. files, that those files remain in my play list and are not disappearing like the mp3's did.

On another note I quarantined 3.1 to a removable thumb drive. pulled the drive out and I was able to get the results listed above. Don't know why my ma3 doesn't like mp3's....but we're getting somewhere. Also I'm not sure the quarantine really did anything, just wanted to isolate the programs. I think I'm becoming more geekish!! Wooo Hooo
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