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OK since we didn't get back on topic...

Originally posted by cjmaddy:
Terry, - IMO, you are neither polite, nor helpful. - If that is what you are attempting, then you are not succeeding.  
You're entitled to your opinion, of course. What would constitute being polite and helpful?

Originally posted by cjmaddy:
If you have established that installing Windows Media Centre corrects your lack-of-sound problem, then a logical step would be to determine what has been added/changed to/with your system/s by adding the WMC that then allows the MA3 .sgt files to be heard.  
I've often wondered how to do that (install something on a Windows computer and then determine exactly and completely what has been changed). How do you do it?

That's a serious question and not intended to be impolite. I'm asking for practical help. Thanks.
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