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Originally posted by philosopher:

It took me a while but I think I've got a good solution for this. I have created a small .exe file that does what we want. However it doesn't start the screen saver immediately. It starts it one minute after windows is locked. This turned out to be a restraint within Windows Vista that I haven't figured out a way around. But if, when locking windows, having the screen saver start within one minute works for you then here's a link to the program (freeware) and a short how-to:

If anyone wants to use this and has any trouble feel free to email me via the email address on my site or post here in the forum.

Jim, please disregard my previous request for a change to the way the screen saver operates since I have my own solution to the "problem" now. Thanks!  
Hi Philosopher,

Thanks so much - would you have any thoughts or solutions for my original post? Vista x64 APP Crash Accessing the Settings Panel
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