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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
Dale - Regarding your testing of the installer - you are absolutely right to do so, and your findings are valued.

Regarding your advocating for the equipment-challenged users - Yes, somebody's got to do it, but currently I'm going to be preoccupied with forging ahead. The "No computer left behind" program will have to wait.  
Certainly - I'm just trying to get stuff written down, so it can be handled when the time is right.

Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
Regarding including a 33.5 MB addition to the download, you have to be kidding. I'm struggling to pare 10k from the 3.3-meg download, and you want me to increase the size ten-fold? The servers would have a nuclear meltdown.  
OK, thanks for the info. Obviously, I wasn't aware of that sensitivity. I'm more used to 50 MB software downloads being "routine".

For future consideration - it would be quite possible to only do the 33.5 MB download in case of need - rather than with the first download.
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