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Originally posted by Dale:
Originally posted by markknight:
I will address the certification issue.  
It's clearly for Prolific to decide. I just pointed out the issue.  
Mark Knight works for Prolific and personally developed the Installer. Perhaps you did not notice the addition to his profile "Prolific Staff".

Originally posted by Dale:
Originally posted by markknight:
Is Prolific willing to live with this issue? My recommendation was YES.  
When Prolific decides (and somebody tells us), it's no longer an issue.  
I am finding your attempts to divide issues into "Prolific" vs. Jim vs. SereneScreen and the repeated inference that you are really not interested in the opinions of any of us but will tolerate only "official" answers from Jim Sachs or Prolific to be increasingly counterproductive.

After being involved with the Aquarium for 10 years, I feel I have a unique and fairly accurate perspective. I am familiar with most of the motivations, processes, and inner workings of the Aquarium and its development. These days, it is rare that my responses to customer questions are very far off-base.

That you don't find our comments relevant is unfortunate, but I'd rather Jim S., Jim R., Edgar, and Mark be able to focus development on the Aquarium, rather than have to spend time responding to issues to which the answer is already known. We have direct access to the developers of the Aquarium -- let's not abuse it.
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