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Render Units and Fan / Gorgonia Movement


I noticed the posts between Rick and yourself about fan movement.

I just recently helped a person at my workplace download the 8k beta with installer and run it on a desktop with 4 screens attached.

The screens are set up as two on top and two on the bottom. We were running the screen saver to not show the same image on all screens so it was split with the top half on the two top screens and the bottom half on the two bottom screens. Scrolling left and right was therefore active.

The fan and Gorgonia (am I spelling that right?) both had motion on the bottom two screens but the top halves were still.

I hope that information helps.

If you'd like more info - screen #'s graphic cards, etc. I can certainly get it. But the system in question is across the cube forest. But I'll certainly make a special trip if that info will help.

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