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Originally posted by Xylem:
Feldon; thanks for info on logos. I notice that one of your groups is mostly religous in nature. What's the possiblity that you could add one like those attached to your list? Just wondering. btw, do I just insert the pic in the MA3 folder, or is there some other method of install? Thanks....  
I might expand the Logo pack or allow individual downloads of logos or even write a Logo loader for people to download and install logos into their MA3 from my website.

My only concern about the 2 specific logos you posted is they do not have enough blank space on the sides, so they will bleed off the crystal.

Right now, MA3 is still a test, so it only supports having one logo file named AltLogo.png placed in the same folder as the Aquarium itself. You switch to this logo by typing "L". MA3 will eventually have a Logo picker. Then you'll be able to load several logos into the Aquarium and pick from them. MA3 will also apparently add some fine-tune controls to resize any logo you bring into the program so that it fits well on the crystal, in case it was not designed to be "crystal safe".
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