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Originally posted by feldon32:
You should not expect ANY logos or settings to come over.

  1. uses a totally new registry branch
  2. uses a different folder for data/logos/playlist
  3. handles lighting differently
  4. adds tank scrolling
  5. will eventually allow the bubble column to be moved
  6. does not currently support more than 1 logo (and must have a certain filename)
  7. will probably handle clock/calendar differently
  8. uses a different keycode than 2.6
Thus there is really no point for the MA3 installer to try to "import" settings from MA2.6.

MA2.6 has 1 tank setup with 7 fish, no music playlist, and none of the features above, so really it takes less than 30 seconds to setup MA3 to have the same settings as MA2.6.

P.S. Since using PNG logos was an undocumented feature of MA2.6, I do not expect those logos to be moved automatically to the new folder, but maybe that will be something that the installer does?  
I'm a bit confused by your answer. First you say not to expect anything, and then you ask if logos will be moved. I think that's one of the things I asked, hoping for an authoritative answer.

One quote from another thread (which may or may not be current thinking):
"The final version will have a playlist of logos, with full paths. " (Jim)

There was some discussion of registry keys, etc., too.

I suspect that anybody who buys an "upgrade" from MA2.6 to MA3, will have an expectation that applicable "stuff" from MA2.6 would be applied to MA3. As you point out, that's not necessarily simple. In fact, it might be necessary to just do a "New Install", and tell people that no settings (or logos) are going to be moved. That's one alternative - sure to mildly annoy some folks.

Anyhow, that's why I asked - to get an authoritative answer (when available) as to ALL OF WHAT the installer is supposed to do (and not do). With that, it's possible to test whether it does what it's supposed to do.

Without that information, all anybody can say is "it worked for me right now". That's valuable information, of course.

Which brings up one other question: What happens when those folks who have used the Beta8k installer version, try to run the NEXT installer?

Finally (and pardon the long post) - somebody should, of course, test the uninstaller that comes with Beta8k Installer (I presume) to make sure that it does what it is supposed to do. Whatever that is.
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