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I love my Vista. I have 4GB RAM and really notice no slowdown from the way my XP ran. The look is great ( I am more about the way my OS and other things look these days) I love the ease of instal;lation and the lack of having to load up software for so many programs, generally Vista picks it right up and installs it with no extra issues. Most times there is no need to even reboot the computer. I also like that once I get Vista installed and tweaked I can back it up to a second hardrive or a DVD and from then on when i need to fformat I can pop that disk in and it will reload it back to teh way it was when I got it tweaked out.

Also Microsoft is dropping support for XP as well as nding the sale of any new XP editions this year. You will be forced to use Vista if you buy a new comp as of June of this year. The new Windows is scheduled for release in 2010.

However, I am getting an issue now, but I think it may be with my ATI card. I will post a new thread on this however.
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