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Sachs Aquarium Wishlist

I am as addicted to this thing as most people who have seen it. I have a couple things that would be nice to have added to the wish list. Some ideas are admittedly better then others.

Random events that occur *rarely*. Just something for people to say "did I just see that?"

Fishing line and hook that floats across the screen.

Diver that swims in the background.

Shark that swims through the background.

Octopus tentacle that moves behind the rocks. (I noticed you had an octopus in your wish list but it would appear too small compared to the fish)
etc etc.

Timed events based on the internal calendar. example, something for each major holiday.

A togle to disable "random events"

I can see these being in addition to the 7 fish visible at a time. I wouldn't expect them to occur very often, just something to add a little extra to the whole thing.

Thanks, Great site!

-Chris P.
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