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To Feldon34:

I don't mean my post to turn into a debate, but according to figures shown on this forum, it boasts "Registered Members: 3,971" and now "Browsing Forum: 49." However, you say only 19 members of those are active members. Who's correct, you or the figures displayed? Also, from what you say, does it mean that out of all the sales at SereneScreen, money is not allotted to maintain a forum to serve as support for the SereneScreen Aquarium community? That I find extremely odd.

Regarding Prolific, by what is shown on the SereneScreen website, Prolific is part of SereneScreen, Is it not? I sent a question to the SereneScreen website over a month ago specifically about this problem but I didn't even get a response.

As for the search words, I agree with you, "10" is too short a word to search for, but I did search for "windows" and "zoom," and those words displayed so many results where "windows" and "zoom" were not even mentioned. It should have displayed results only where those words do appear. I'm not sure, but maybe the search engine can be additionally configured to display more accurate results?

To Jim Sachs:

When you speak with Eric Daniels would you please ask if anything can be done about "zooming" out of "Goldfish2" in Windows 10? I love that goldfish aquarium as much as I love your "Marine Aquarium." I keep an auto screensaver changer installed that alternates the two.

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