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Question about 3d functionality


I have a question ideally for Jim to cast his eyes over...

I have nvidia 3d vision and having tested the screensaver in 3d, i am left with a few questions that i'd like to ask that, i feel may improve this product in 3d mode.

with my 3d kit i have the option of adjusting the depth of 3d, i very much prefer to max out the depth setting, this in turns makes the tank look awesome and give very good depth. However, when setting this depth to max i tend to get a ghosting effect of all the fish because the depth setting is too high.

Is it possible to make the tank adaptable to a great margin of 3d depth, whilst maintaining only slight adjustment of the fish to counter the problem i am experiencing?

this problem occurs in multiple 3d games too, to get the most awe inspiring images requires the higher depth settings but in some details this creates a ghosting effect that is way out and ruins it.


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