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Originally posted by garybebee:
i got the music to work from the sample list that came with win7, but still no bubble sound. i am currently trying to find a loop of bubble sound effects to add as mp3 or wav file which i will then add to the music selection. you don't happen to know what sound source jim used do you? that would be the best source. thanks again. gary  
Aha! Well, "assumptions" (and reluctance to insult people) got me again. I "assumed" that you had added metallica from some reasonable file format. And didn't insist on saying "tell us exactly, step by step, ...".

OK, what is the file name of the sample that plays properly in MA3?

The problem is fairly clearly something that's unique to your computer/software combination - probably something that was introduced by some application software that you are running, that hijacked something.

Perhaps you could share with us, what other applications you are running.

The following says it can find out and fix some things about .sgt files - I haven't tried it, and of course it could be a virus or something, so ...
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