Thread: Bug: Unconfirmed Dual Monitor - Flashing Screen
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I'm also seeing the same issue. I just downloaded the demo to try out, experienced the same issue, and came here to see if it was a known problem.

Win7 x64 RTM
Triple Monitor
--Nvidia 260 - Primary display
--Nvidia 8800 - 2nd and 3rd display
--190.62 WHQL driver
--All displays at 1680x1050

Screensaver runs fine if set to just display on one monitor. When running on all three only Mon1 and Mon3 display anything. The splash logo shows fine on both, then starts flickering. The aquarium will load with fish but very dark and flashing between the black screen with logo and the aquarium. The fish move with the flickering, probably about 2FPS. Setting SS to display same image on all displays is no help.
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