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Well, I guess I've lost track of the issue here. To reiterate: In Vista 64 there is both a System32 file and a SysWOW64 file. There are Screensavers in both, but Serenescreen's appear in SysWOW64 (as they should). I have both MA2.6 and Marine Aquarium 3 in SysWOW64; they both run fine and don't interfere.

There is some oddity about the names: SysWOW64 contains "MarineAquarium3" but it appears in the Windows Screensaver window as "Serenscreen Marine Aquarium 3." The names must be controlled by some internal mechanism, but it makes not difference to the functioning of the screensaver. It does fine.

It seems to me there is no problem; is that correct?

edit: sorry, again. While I was typing that a bunch of replies got inserted.
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