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Marine Aquarium 3 Beta INSTALLER test

We are getting very close to releasing Marine Aquarium 3 to the public.

We have produced an Installer for Marine Aquarium 3 Beta 8k which we would like everyone to take a look at and test out.

Note that it will NOT accept any 2.6 keycodes and we are no generating Marine Aquarium 3 keycodes at this time. So to test it out, please use the TESTFISH key.

Download Marine Aquarium 3 Beta 8k with Installer (link updated)

I covered this in another thread, but yes - MA3 will need its own Key Code. Anyone who paid full price for MA2.6 on the website since last August will be able to simply log onto the site and get a free MA3 Key by email. Anyone participating in this Beta Test Forum will be able to get one, though Customer Service will need to handle that. And of course, you few who have been with us for the better part of a decade will be entitled to a free upgrade.

None of the mechanisms for getting the new Key Codes are in place yet. This new download is for those who'd like to test the new installer and behavior of MA3 in its unregistered form. For a while, the version at the normal download location (which has no installer) will continue to accept MA2.6 Key Codes.
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