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Originally posted by Bigmouse:
MA3 on 61" TV set  
61" TV, COOL!, What's the resolution on that one?

Originally posted by patscarr:
Hey James! Looks cool! Great to hear from you again!  
Hi Pat, nice to know you are still here, so it looks like you are back where you were and not in Korea anymore?

Originally posted by Surferminn:
Nice, Bigmouse. You look like a very happy owner, heck, I would be too.

Hey James, long time no see. Good to hear from you. I see in the 2nd pic a barrel effect on the menu listed where the menu seems to curve a bit. Is that from your tv or your camera? Btw, what camera did you use to record these pics and video? Nice video.  
Hello Minn, it's my camera not the TV, I stand too close to the screen, so the barrel effect was exaggerated. My camera is the old model Sony T-50 with 3" touch panel on its back.

The video isn't that great as my parents chatter at the background and the speaker is just right below the screen, it's better to watch it with mute on.

But no matter what, with just bubble sound on and the dim light on the living room, it's looks realy like a real fish tank.

Originally posted by Jav400:

Nice to see you back again. Hope things are going well for you.

PS. His videos look like yours Doc.  
Hi Michael, thanks for the welcome again! I'm fine and still working in ASUS, but went to several interview in Microsoft Taiwan but fail to pass all the tedious interviews, but I'll keep trying. I don't like ASUS anymore to be honest, our PDA phone didn't earn much profit as promised, I rather change to EeePC department, but my manager doen't allow. Anyway... what's Doc's video? why similar? which thread should I look for?

Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
James - the Blank Fish Set Name bug is a good one. I just fixed it so that a blank name or a space will not cause a new FishSet to be created.  
Thanks Jim, I though this might be a very obvious bug since it's a GUI bug, as my current job in ASUS, I act as a bug tracker and create test cases for our product and I always look for GUI bug in the first place. Because normally the more simpler function the easier to be omitted and overlooked for GUI error handle bug

Glade you fix it.

I'll keep you posted if any bug show up.

Originally posted by cjmaddy:
Hi, James... Long time no hear! ... Hope things are well with you.  
Dear Cliff, my respectable friend, things are fine with me, just same old job in ASUS as I replied to Michael above. It's been 3.5 years in ASUS and I think it's time to move on to a better work place. I still wish to work outside Taiwan and one day I can live and work in my dearest New Zealand again.

PS:Remeber Eva? the girl I was after for many years, she's married now! I'm glade she found her Mr. Right, I'm perfectly fine and we are still friend. Maybe I can share her pretty wedding photos in the Coffee House forum and talk about other SSF friends to catch up each other.
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