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Smile Putting up MA3 on 42" ASUS LCD TV with 1920x1080x32 res. (Empty Fish Set name bug?)

Dear All:
It's being a long time not login in here, and it's that beta test email brought me back again!
I've recently bought a 42" LCD TV with 250GB HDD embedded for recording purpose from my own company, and instantly I put up the MA3 on it and test various test cases.

Some of the bug I met has been mentioned by others, crashes, MA3~1.scr process doesn't quit, CPU too hot etc. So I guess it's my responsibility to report these problem to add up the current occurrences number to the bug database.

However, I'm not sure the empty name of Fish Set is allowable, If I were the programmer, I rather pop up a dialog to warning that there's no name entered so the Fish set cannot be saved unless the name is inputted, in addition, the blank fish set cannot be deleted when it first created, unless you press OK to exit the Fish Setting and re-enter again to delete it.

Anyway, here I also like to show you the photo of this create aquarium, it virtually transform my LCD TV as a tank in my living room, if I can embedded the LCD into the wall, I bet the illusion would go beyond.
It's the Beta build#1 I've tested, having got chance to try Beta 2 on it again because I don't live with the LCD TV together (I work and live closer to ASUS head quarter in Taipei where my real home in is Tainan, south of Taiwan)

The aquarium is so real that even my Candy the Beagle dog stare at the screen curiously, too bad I didn't get the picture. The fish become so real with big screen, from the photo, if I take a close up loop without TV border, you'll think you are look into a real tank with depth feeling and real fish texture!!

Here's the preview of the LCD TV with MA3, and if you got enough bandwith, you are welcome to download all of them here and also the video clip, you would hear some background chatters and the dog barking in the clip, sorry for that. And the Canon music might sometimes sounds horrible when I close up the view to the LCD TV because the ASUS TruSurround speaker is right below the screen panel.
My testing platform is my ASUS W6A laptop, an old model, and the video feed is actually nView output of VGA. I hope I can try HDMI or DIV next time with new laptop of my brother.
Comments and questions are welcome!

Download Photos and Videos from the attached Word file! (Warning, Big file)
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