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Originally posted by feldon32:
You know Dale, you can beat that horse all you want, but it really does not contribute much to this thread.

If you paid a little more attention to what Jim has said in the past, you'd understand his motivation for doing things and maybe present a little better arguments instead of just flogging your viewpoint over and over.  
OK, point taken. I thought I had been paying attention to what Jim said (and asked), but perhaps I wasn't.

Sorry you find my postings repetitious. My basic point was that - if the capability is not built into the first "production" release (called Beta or whatever), then it won't be available when the next production release (update) is produced. You can't retroactively ADD a capability to a previous version.

I was attempting to agree with your comment that: "I think it's more a concern of 2 years from now, thousands of users will still have 3.0 (essentially the Beta) and there could conceivably be negative comments and press about how 3.0 is "unfinished" and never got any new features."

I will say nothing more about the "check for update" issue until (at least) MA3.1 is released. [Please feel free to remind me of this promise, if I forget]
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