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Josh thanks for the sneak preview of the new site!

As for linking to my site, I had to take the old fan site page when I upgraded the server as it was running an ancient version of Joomla. I keep meaning to rebuild the site in Wordpress, but I bet it would get less than 100 visits per month. For now, linking to these forums is probably the best way to go.

As one of Pat's pictures above shows, the Title, Head, and Meta tags in the code are not set, so the website has no human-friendly name or identifying info.

Note that the Image Slider at the bottom may not always work reliably as the HTML is double encapsulated. For example:

&<div class="content d-none&"&>&<div&>&<p&>&<strong&>Select from an array of more than 20 colorful fish.&<

Is it intended that the selected tab (FAQ, About, Buy) is 20 pixels higher than the bar?

The About the Author section could use some kind of update.

Visually the site looks decent. It works on a smartphone. I guess it is the current state of websites that things are designed with 3 or maybe 4 colors. Black, white, and a highlight color (in this case blue). I wish the site were more colorful but ah well.
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