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Originally posted by joltdude:
Not all of us knew about your percentage royalties when we purchased the CD... Personally I wouldn't mind paying a small fee for a valid key... That comment was sort of a slap in the face as someone who bought your app at retail, not realizing it would have best been purchased online...  
I hope you do not feel offended, but this is the case with all software. The retail version, especially products under $30, sees most of the money go to the manufacturer, the marketer, the distributor, and the retailer. Very little money goes to the author.

This is why most companies now offer an online purchase scheme. For games, the most popular game download service is Steam. They can offer games for $10-15 and actually see most of that money.

So please do not be offended. It's something that you (and most people) did not know. You've learned something today.
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