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With HTPC connected to the 4k TV and some experimentation to get the TV into functioning PC mode, I observed that the result of running MA was a black screen. Today I got around to reinstalling MA, this time without enabling screensaver mode.* The menu appeared, no fish. I forgot about the process, described at Codeweavers Crossover forum, and I think above, of adding the /s to the launcher command.

With that fixed, windowed and full screen fishies are abundantly doing their thing. Overkill (for running MA) GPU isn't even running its fans. 30 fishes are in use, along with bubbles, panning, etc.

Again, thank you Jim for this safely dry but otherwise exquisite display.

* With the 2k monitor I used when building the HTPC, the screensaver box was checked during installation. This had two effects. In windowed mode, the window couldn't be moved. In full screen mode, MA seemed to hold off the actual Mint screen saver, though without providing any of the login capability. It also after a few hours killed the upper and lower trays (perhaps in concert with the Mint screensaver trying to run), so more sophisticated means of restarting were sometimes required.
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