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If your here posting for damage control , it's mute . Serene posted on the play store , does not work on android past 4.4 . I allow Android updates just for security reasons , Now on Android 7 . Also it's nice to have a new phone every two years . The new Android flagship phones when BT paired with mouse , keyboard function like a laptop . It is a nice piece of eye candy , I didn't remove my pro version from my phone because it didn't work . I removed it from my phone because can't be trusted . I guess this is why Jim has taken back the control . If you put the app behind a firewall and log its IP connections and data , you'd see it connects to servers in Ireland( Google ) , China and Acrodea . I guess logging into Google is semi OK , My phones Data should not be going to the other 2 places . When I got my smart phone I bought a lot of software to customize it . I have cut my loses and removed every app from all companies based in China . I found them to be Data miners as well . Just did a search for Aquarium on the play store and was beginning to think Google had already removed it , because it was so near the bottom of the list . I posted to see if they would consider posting a beta , It's just good P.R. Cheers
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