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feldon34, sorry to hear things didn't work out for you. I know that others have tried in the past as well and have run into the same sorts of problems. I do have a thick skin when being flamed for app related issues, just not when things get personal.

Ralph, sorry to hear it didn't work for you. I'm 99% sure it's not your setup but instead, how the new background drawing occurs. I had to move the drawing from where it should occur because that didn't work for me. So it's quite possible that where I moved it to doesn't work for you.

jleslie, all you were supposed to get with that version is the sky, so it sounds like it worked okay for you.

Nicki, I agree with all you posted. I know it would be some work for others, possibly trusted members of this forum, but I think this could definitely generate some new interest in MA3 if done right. And thanks for testing on the "old" pc. I test on a 10 year old XP desktop here, but it unfortunately has a fairly new graphics card.

patscarr, thanks for explaining your "photoshoping" post. I guess I won't get to the point of showing you that limited panning of the camera is definitely possible and doesn't break the illusion of the "hollywood set", as I've decided to leave the camera alone and just concentrate on enhancing the background.

Mr. Sachs, I'm sorry for your loss. But thank you for taking the time to explain things further anyway. And for noting my limited testing. I hope you don't consider it in bad taste if I continue posting new versions here, however. I'm afraid my free time for this project is limited, and I'd like to get as much done as possible before I have to take a break from it.

cjmaddy, thanks for the ss. The problems you had are definitely my fault. I wrote the test version from scratch and didn't consider multi-monitor setups. I made attempts to correct this with the new version but I still wasn't able to test it before-hand, so hold your nose before you start it up.

Now to the new version. I've added in the fish tank cover, side and back framing and glass, animated the sky background a bit, made a start at fixing a "splash isn't displaying" bug, and attempted to correct for multi-monitor use, but nothing else. If all goes well, it should look similar to the screenshot attached. The translucent glass will probably kill old/slow displays.
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