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Summers here are long and hot by rule, although we've yet to hit 100+ for weeks in a row like last year.

Back to the thread's topic, here's a little proof-of-concept that replaces the MA3 background with a skydome and nothing more. You can check that the skydome is indeed a model by using MA3's wireframe mode (the w key.) Just unzip to the directory of your choice and run MA3Ex. You might want to put MA3 in windowed mode beforehand, just in case something goes wrong.

Mr. Sachs, I'm not quite sure what to make of your "piggybacking" comment. It reads as a backhanded insult. So for now I'm stopping work on this until I read otherwise. All I wish to do is to freely - with no strings attached - share some of the fun I've been having modding MA3, with other fans of the app.

And patscarr, you as well, owe me an apology. Whether you believed me or not, that opinion is not something you voice to another without at least the slightest bit of proof. I've been on and off these forums for over a decade now, and I've never been anything but kind and willing to help out. So please at least show me some respect for that.

And, as always, thanks to those posting words of encouragement. I hope I'll be allowed to continue work on this.
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