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** two lines ** I personally prefer that doing something in the "Music Playlist" panel should not change anything in the "Program Settings" panel. But at least, "Play" and "Stop" should be consistent.

Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
Playing music turns on the Music. If the bubble sound comes on at the same time, that would be a bug.  
OK, then logically, Stopping the music (in the Music Playlist panel) should turn off the music (i.e., uncheck the Music box in the Program Settings panel).

Same behavior in 11e, by the way.

JohnWho, Jim's comment seems to confirm that turning on the music is "intended behavior". Perhaps it depends on how many things are in the playlist, or whether there's some particular filetype (like .sgt), or what length the paths are, or whatever. I think it's unlikely to be something that depends on the version of Windows. I just don't have the time or inclination to test every possible combination.
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