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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
I think there may still be a misunderstanding here. The fact that the file extension is .sgt has nothing to do with anything. It could just as easily have been .xyz or .raw. It's just a bunch of bytes that get loaded into a memory buffer and fed to the sound card via the DirectX MIDI drivers.  
Ok. I was basing my comment on several prior replies that said to try playing the file directly, and that some other application registering the .sgt extension could cause a conflict.

I tried (unsuccessfully) to find an application that could play .sgt files to verify that the file actually worked. Since MA3 doesn't expose an error log or traceback when trying to play the file, we can't use MA3 to troubleshoot this.

I did download the Feb 2010 DirectX update from Microsoft, as linked in a previous post. That didn't change anything for me.

Can you elaborate on how the bubble sounds are stored or generated? The inability to play the sample music isn't an issue for me, but I would like my bubble sounds.
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