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Welcome to russnjan from Down-Under.

jjenni - glad things are working so well for you. I doubt that Jim will let the background be changed, he is kind of hesitant to allow "who knows what" be put in it's place. I think one of his nightmares would be to walk into a local electronics store and see his aquarium displayed on 25 monitors with that "who knows what" running.

As for the rest, I would like to make a note to everyone running the aquarium.

I am glad it runs so well and you are getting such high frame rates. But, please keep in mind that what you are running, although it is considered a screensaver, is really a true 3D environment. It works your video card to produce such wonderful effects. Basically for your card it's like playing a 3D game, and it heats up your card working to do it.

Take advantage of the "sleep" mode function. Use the up arrow key and turn up the sleep mode and slow down your frame rates so it doesn't tax your video card and keep it running flat out for hours and hours. Look at the stats display in the upper left corner of the screen and adjust it accordingly, where you have smooth movement, and a low frame rate as well.
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