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Thanks – I like the design of the Cube better than the McMini as well. Since the Mini has a fan I must conclude I have the only fanless (modern) Mac.

I'm seriously considering getting a new harddrive as the old 20GB Maxtor clunker is ridiculously (sp?) loud. I will most likely get a Samsung 2.5" laptop drive which should lower the noise quite a lot further than even the most silent of 3.5" drives.

As for CPU – I already have my eyes set on a 1.3GHz upgrade which I still can use without a fan. A little to costly right now, but eventually...

Too bad they forgot to add a digital sound output (quite stupid really). That would've made it so much more useful as a entertainment hub. Perhaps there will be an additional McMini-sized 5.1 amp which hooks up to the Mini by USB/1394...

The Next Cube was so darn ugly. No like!

Congrats on getting allowance to get a Mini of your own.

/Tiny Braque

Where can I get a matching mouse pad?
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