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Originally posted by EastBayer:
I miss seeing the starfish climb the glass. Will that be coming back? How about more than one starfish? The starfish in 2.6 seemed to move faster too.  
As Jim Sachs has stated in other threads in this forum (the SereneScreen forum, not necessarily the SS for Mac topic), there isn't a good transition currently for the starfish from tank bottom to the glass and back. There wasn't one for MA 2.6 and earlier either, but the automatic lighting changes allowed the starfish to "jump" between the two when the lights were out without you noticing the transition. Automatic lighting was removed in MA 3, so the "lights out" state necessary for the transition never occurs. It may come back at some point, or a more realistic transition may be implemented. Those and other features (including things like multiple starfish) are up to Jim as to if and when they will be added.

I don't believe there's been much if any change to the speed of the starfish's movement in MA 3.
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