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Originally posted by JohnWho:
Minor "bug" / annoyance with the Music / Sounds feature.

I normally do not have either the music or bubble sound on.

While testing the music playback screen (for the readme file) I added some MP3s to test it.

Not only did the MP3 play, but the Bubble sound activated, too!

Anyone else getting this on 11f?  
Please describe exactly, step by step, what you did.

I tried to duplicate what you said. Including starting conditions.

A. Started MA3 from the desktop icon, pressed space, clicked Music Playlist.
B. Note: I normally do not have either sound on, so I didn't touch that (didn't open Program Settings panel at all).
C. I added an MP3 to the music list (it already had 4 things in it).
D. Clicked OK (twice).

Music didn't play, bubbles didn't make a sound. (I do have the bubble column "on", by the way).

Pressed space bar, clicked program settings, and verified that neither box was checked.
I'm sure I'm missing something?
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