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AlecM -- I'm probably going to give users some control over the ratio of lightings. Some people complain the tank is dark, you're complaining that the tank is too bright. If you get the lightplay effect then you're getting my custom light mixing in the shader. If you aren't getting the lightplay effect then the lighting is being handled more by the fixed function pipeline and I have a bit less control.

Somethingfish -- I agree that the fish picking UI is a bit un-obvious. Maybe a "total fish" counter which goes up to 30, and the non-specifically assigned fish automatically go to random, if you decrement a fish then random makes up the slack?

robnich -- MA 2.6 had "don't repeat random" in it. MA 3 doesn't. I think we pulled in the Goldfish spawning code to handle "favorites" levels to bias the selection towards the more favored fish. I'll put this on the list of things to examine for the next revision.
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