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Help with my GoldFish aquarium 1.0!

I just got the Marine Aquarium and GoldFish Aquarium screensavr double pack by encore from the seller on ebay. Marine Aqaurium works normally.

But goldfish 1.0 behaves like the demo I downloaded. It looks like the full version. Im limited to 3 fish only If I try to save my settings it says I need to register/enter key or something like that. It also might say something about a CD. When I set a time on the screen saver and it pops up and I press a key I get a mssage saying thankyou for trying Goldfish and so on.

Its says on the info screen in the screen saver that its 1.0. Does 1.0 act like a demo and not a full version? Im really annoyed by this. The seller made it sound like I was getting two full vesions (albeit early versions) of full screen savers.

Like I said Marine is ok. Its the goldfish saver that isnt acting like I thought it would. I mean I can understand that its just version 1.0, but I dont get why it bahves like a demo with the settings and when the screen saver is ended.

Its the encore double pack, both marine and goldfish. The date on the back says 2004. If this is any help. Was there some kind of manufacturing defect? Like did they print a demo on th CD?

Please Help. Thanks.
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