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Originally posted by Jim Sachs:
The Moray Eel DOES default to ON, if the program has never been run. If the Registry contains a fishlist, it will show the Moray as OFF, since there never was one on the list before. Once it is enabled the Registry will remember it.  
A little counter intuitive though. In the fishlist the Moray was unselected with an "x" in the box. Clicking on it selects the box as it does with everything. But, I did not want to "disable" this fish.. only when I disabled.. and "then" had the option to uncheck the disable was the Moray available to the tank.
Perhaps replacing the "Disable this fish" with a "Show / Hide fish"

And.. (you can tell I have little to do today).. The diet of the Moray is listed as carnivorous. An animal can eat a fish and be carnivorous.. If.. a fish eats a fish.. is it still carnivorous?
Edit> After checking the "Google" I am a wiser man.. fish are animals.. and an animal that eats animals is carnivorous..

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