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Originally posted by Dale:
If all of the hardware was the same, including having two cables connected at both ends, the same monitor, and the same monitor resolution settings. [Or at least the two resolution settings adding up to full tank width].  
... but it worked differently in XP...

Originally posted by JamesGreystone:
Hi Jim I tested what you asked and am able to switch from analog to DVI and you are correct it shows 2 different views left and right.

So it thinks I have 2 monitors set up, it was okay in XP so I think Win 7 must just be more sophisticated.


Win 7 is the culprit in this case.
Not that it makes a real difference here, but it's more likely that there is some difference in the behavior of the ATI drivers, rather than than Windows 7. [I'm not defending W7 - but it's sometimes helpful to precisely identify where the difference lies]
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