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I think that picture is great. I still always try to fix my old computers though but I'll consider it for my old 286 once it dies. I'll make sure I unplug it so it doesn't zap the cat when he has to go. The Macintosh family here does seem a lot nicer than my best friends Saturn car company cult which are always inviting him to picnics.

I might just get one of these new Mac-mini's as a present for my fiance for her birthday. You could hook up the mac-mini to a TV and run screensavers on it. Also play DVD's, or TV-shows in HD and so forth. And when you run out of room, you can buy an external hard drive (which would be around the same size) and get a stack of them going filling them up with the HD movies/tv-shows or backups of DVD's. I wonder if you can get surround sound out of it?

And Tiny, don't feel bad about getting a cube. I would prefer one of those because I'm sure it probably has a better cooling system which I read is by convection which will grant it longer life. And it is much more impressive looking in my opinion.
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