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Yes, I can agree with what has been said. Back in my fish keeping days I always had what we commonly called a Siamese Loach as an algae eater. On occasions it did leave a mark on the sides of my Angel Fish, but it did no permanent harm, - just looked unsightly for a while. Like Liath I also had a Red-tailed Black Shark, (a particular favourite of mine! ), - they too are useful at cleaning plant leaves! - and IIRC, Black Mollies are partial to nibbling algae from rocks and leaves.

Thinks!!! ..... This is giving me thoughts about setting up a tank again! ...... I will try to resist!
(But once Jim's Freshwater Aquarium is done, [with Red-Tailed Black Shark!!! ], the temptation may be too great, I have after all, got the ideal place for it, - or should that be fire place?
......... and it's better than burning flags! .... or even flag waving!)
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